27 May 2011

When fashion gets freaky...or does it?

YOU know that feeling where something you look at and believe to be ridiculous starts to grow on you? Suddenly you find yourself wanting said item, and either:
1.  Regretting having previously announced your disdain for said item or
2. Extremely glad your negative thoughts were only in your head so you can now buy said item without anyone questioning you.

I'm wondering if that will happen to fashionistas the world over in regard to these round, red, Where's Waldo/Wally inspired glasses I will from here on refer to as Waldo glasses.

First Mischa Barton was sporting them at Nice and Heathrow airports on her way home from Cannes Film Festival. Then actress Elle Fanning (Dakota Fanning's little sister) was snapped sporting a pair days later. The important thing here is that they are clearly NOT the same pair...so there is more than one designer releasing these comically designed glasses.

Is this all a big joke or the next big thing in eyewear?

Before passing your judgement, let's have a moment of honesty here. Who doesn't know someone who owned a pair of shutter shades? They might claim to have bought them as a joke but, really, maybe they just fell in love with them and couldn't admit it because they had previously joked about them? Come on now people, fess up - did you indulge in shutter shades?
For those of you who are starting to fall for the Waldo glasses, you can buy many similar types on eBay. The Wordchic pick of the bunch - these Lady Gag inspired set (you could snap the shades off to channel your inner Waldo):
See, they really are a red version of Gaga's!

So what are your thoughts on Waldo glasses?
(For the record, I think they are ridiculous. Wait, did I say that out loud? Because I'm kind of starting to maybe wonder if anyone knows where I might be able to get a pair...)

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