25 May 2011

Origin, geeks and plankers? What a day!

THERE sure are a lot of things to celebrate or get into today. Not only is today the first State of Origin match for 2011, it is also International Geek Pride Day. Ooh and allegedly International Planking Day too.
State of Origin

While tempted to simply write QUEENSLANDER repeatedly for this part of the story, I will refrain, as there are far more interesting things to discuss (first).
If there was a prize for State of Origin supporter of the Year, the Queensland Police Service would win hands down. Not only have they changed their logo today so that it is maroon, but they have unveiled a special maroon vehicle, complete with the infamous cane toad on the bonnet. The car will be at public events in the weeks between the first and last State of Origin games before the bonnet is signed by all Q origin players then removed and sold at a charity auction by the Royal Children's Hospital Foundation.
The vehicle is collaboration between the Queensland Police and the Queensland Rugby League to celebrate the spirit of Queensland, and lend a helping hand to young Queenslanders affected by serious illness.
And what have the New South Wales Police done? Nothing. Ahh the fighting spirit of Queenslanders, impacting our Government departments. Love it! God help Queensland though if we don’t win. We don’t know how to deal with failure.
Whatever the outcome tonight, one thing is for certain – there will be some sore, sore losers, licking their wounds while scoffing “Wait ‘til Game Two” and “It’s not over yet!”
QUEENSLANDER!!!! (Couldn’t help myself).

Geek Pride Day
The idea behind Geek Pride Day is that geeks can publicly boast about their geekiness today without being labelled as weird. The day started in 2006 in Spain when 300 geeks showed their pride by creating a human "Pac-Man" game. May 25th also happens to be  the release date of the first Star Wars movie (in 1977).
But the day could not be without some controversy – not all geeks are happy about the date, especially the book loving type. Seems some geeks celebrate Towel Day on May 25th each year and want Geek Pride Day moved to another date.
And what is Towel Day, I hear you ask? The day was created by fans of Douglas Adams in 2001 as a tribute after his death. Adams wrote The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and the idea for towel day is for people to carry a towel to demonstrate their love for the books (and Adams).
So carry a towel AND get ya’ geek on – win win!

International Planking Day
Personally I think the planking community rushed this and therefore ruined it. Where was the build up? The plan? Seriously plankers, you could have rocked this day, if only someone gave a damn about event planning and management. Will there be media coverage about it being International Planking Day? Not unless someone hurts themselves again. You let me down, plankers. You let me down.

Are you celebrating anything else today?

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