23 May 2011

Noosa now a bogan playground?

ACCORDING to locals, unless you drive an Audi, BMW, Mercedes or something as equally luxurious and expensive, stay out of Noosa.  Apparently boutique shop owners and restaurateurs along Hastings Street, and equally snobbish locals of the region, are fed up with the influx of budget travellers turning Noosa into bogansville. Only in Noosa could retailers be picky about who walks their streets and may (or may not) bring money into the local economy.
These “bogan” visitors are outraging the retail and restaurant owners by bringing a packed lunch and shopping in the chain stores and surf stores that are apparently opening up in droves. How dare they refuse to pay $8 for a small coffee or $25 for a club sandwich? Why are they buying $60 Billabong boardies and not $200 slacks?

One shop owner told the Courier Mail she was "sick to the eye teeth" [sic] of the cheap chain stores lowering the precinct's status. Has Noosa forgotten that society in general is struggling to afford their day to day bills let alone a holiday? And that the Sunshine Coast is struggling for tourists? Should they not be glad that people are gracing their area, contributing to the local economy through their accommodation payments at the very least?

Is Noosa not supposed to be a family friendly holiday destination? Sorry Hastings Street but you happen to be situated on one of the nicest family friendly beaches around. Just because someone is not rich and/or famous does not mean they should not be allowed to grace the shores of this wonderful area.
The problem with Noosa is (and has always been) the snobbery. No one should feel like they have to wear makeup to the beach but when the prospect of a day trip to Noosa comes up, this is how one normally feels.

Just because someone is not lax with their money does not a bogan make. Just because someone is wearing boardies and thongs does not mean they are bogans – they may very well be wealthy but dressed in suitable attire for the beach. Who goes to Noosa to shop anyway?
So what can we do about this? While some would argue that Noosa should hereby be boycotted, there may be an even better alternative. If Noosa snobs think they are being invaded by bogans, let’s make sure they are. This weekend grab your thongs, your esky, a packed lunch and drinks and let’s go take over Hastings Street for real, “bogan” style.

Would you be classed as a bogan if you visited Noosa?

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