11 May 2011

What legacy will my 20s leave behind?

What was that Madge? I needn't worry about ageing, as long as I can afford plastic surgery? Cool! 
NOT sure whether to be filled with great fear or great solace, it seems women find their stride in their thirties. No matter who the female, or what profession they undertake, I keep reading this notion. It is normally accompanied with some sort of description of how their (the female in question) life in their twenties was wild and fun, or tumultuous and scary, or out of control or lazy. This helps, to some degree – the idea that your twenties don’t really bare all that much importance to your future. It seems the twenties are just a stepping stone (albeit long). Are your twenties the period that allows you to make your way to the path you are destined for? If so, I’ll be glad to put this boring, stressful, seemingly pointless era behind me.
Women always seem to mention “beauty” as an important aspect of their twenties also – which also causes me great reservations about the future.  If this is me at my most beautiful, God help me. But I guess I can take comfort in the fact that beauty won’t matter too much in the future (unless you believe thirties are the new twenties and forties are the news thirties, etc, etc). Or, to be more accurate, I will have a lot more to offer than just appearance, and take price in the fact.
I wonder if, when my twenties are long passed,  I will still feel like they were the years where the weight of the world sat on my shoulders; and no matter how much time or effort I put into lifting said weight, I simply could not? Ah, as the adage goes, only time will tell.
(I might need to have words with my worry doll tonight)

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