Welcome to my blog, Word Chic!

With a Bachelor of Communications (double major in Communications and Creative Writing) gathering dust both in a folder and in my mind I've decided to polish and extend my writing skills. The plan for this blog is to put pen to paper (or more accurately to tap keys and watch letters appear on screen) about life in general - news, events, trends and opinions.

Since finishing university in 2008  I have been ticking life’s “To do list".  I've travelled the world, bought a house (well, bought a mortgage really), had a fur baby (bought a dog) and secured a committed boyfriend – but the career box has been neglected, opting instead for sales positions to keep money flowing for aforementioned accomplishments.

While still making the most out of sales, there is no doubt my desire to do something in the writing arena has become insatiable.

I love to read, write, learn and teach – some would say my brain has ants in its pants and needs constant entertaining. My thirst for knowledge and need for instant gratification (for my hungry brain) has led me, predominantly, to online media. It is for this reason I have decided to contribute to the online arena, using this blog to utilise and expand my writing and research skills.

Being based in Queensland, Australia (on the beautiful Sunshine Coast) means I may end up writing a lot of stories that impact or affect my region but I hope this will still carry relevance to those outside of South East Queensland, or even Australia.
Thanks in advance for reading my blog (and saving it as a Favourite, and liking and sharing it on Facebook and other social media, and telling your friends about it *wink*wink*wink*).
Maybe one day I will get paid for people to read my reporting and opinion pieces? *Crosses fingers and prays*

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