24 March 2011

Who does size matter to?

MAKING news today is an unverified report of world penis size. Seriously.

It's debatable whether the bigger issue is the publishing of an unverified study or the fact that world penis size could possibly bear any importance to anyone.

The study breaks down their "findings" into two bar graphs: penis size per country and penis size per race.

Surprise, surprise, the findings highlight the age-old racial stereotypes that "black" is biggest and our "East Asian" cousins are the least endowed.

The study uses two methods of measurement - measured penises and self-reported penis sizes. No surprises the self-reported measurements came in at least an inch longer than the measured results for all the study respondents.

Surely you don't have to be too smart to work out what a fraud this study is. Along the top of the page states:

"This website provide (sic) statistical information offered by trusted research centers and reports worldwide."
Who are the trusted research centres? My assumption is the “trusted reports” are the list of academic references to books and articles on the site (much like is required at university when doing an essay). 

The website has no other studies and does not explain how the study was completed. Nor does it outline the purpose/scope of the study or what findings they expected to find. It does, however, outline  there were 800 subjects (not exactly a statistically significant amount for a global study) and the study was completed in New York City.

There are numerous countries missing from this "global" study (shall I assume these men merely have a stub?) which casts further doubt on the validity of the subjects actually measured.

Of what significance is this study to society?  In all likelihood the study is probably a poorly attempted school or university assignment. Whatever it is, my thoughts are it must be a slow news day for “staff writers” at news.com.au?

Do men really care how their length stacks up against the rest of the world?

Why would women care at all?


  1. Being a man I naturally checked out this report... What kind of data are they using here? I cant believe NEWS.com would actually publish this rubbish. And I find it funny that their table by country lists a few as N/A... Now there is a few jokes I could drop here but instead I will end with DODGY!