25 March 2011

Fines, friends and fraud

LARA Bingle has landed herself in strife, admitting to taking demerit points for her friends in a radio interview. She later recanted via Twitter saying the comment was said "in sarcasm" but the New South Wales Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) are investigating regardless. Worst case scenario could see Bingle face court for fraud charges and receive up to two months jail for each offence.

The RTA's investigation was reportedly started after a member of public called in and told of Bingle's confession in the interview. Yes, Lara Bingle was dobbed on. This begs the question:

Would the busy-body who dobbed on Bingle have made a call to the RTA if a non-celebrity/everyday Aussie happened to confess to taking their friends demerit points?

Furthermore, who doesn't know someone who has taken points for their friends or family?

Talk-back radio today will no doubt be filled with debate over whether it is right/wrong to take your friends points or if you have ever taken the blame for something you didn't do and so on. Safe bet would be no one who calls in will face the repercussions of their actions though.

Maybe the lesson here is a reminder to think before you speak, especially if you've been naughty.

What do you think? Did Lara do the wrong thing?

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