20 April 2011

Dead alien or elaborate hoax?

WEBSITES across the world today have been reporting on footage allegedly showing  a "dead alien" found in Russia on April 17. Whether you believe the footage is true or a hoax, one thing is for sure - debate is raging again about alien existence.

Rather than write a long winded article on alien visitations, the Roswell conspiracy, ancient alien theory and UFOs (this is coming, just not yet) I thought I'd post some interesting videos that have been shared around the office today.

Firstly, the dead alien sensation:

Secondly, a compilation of "UFO sightings" from the past few years, and a freaky phone call):

Okay so the phone call was proven to be a fake. The man allegedly rang in days later and confused to the hoax. But what was with the eerily timed outage?

Thirdly, if you are in any way interested in the universe and the possibility that "something" is out there, then the below documentary is sure to entertain. The documentary covers everything from the big bang theory to dark matter, from black holes to other galaxies. It is truly fascinating (but is 45mins long).

Is it completely ignorant and arrogant to believe that we are the only life forms in the whole of the universe? Whatever your argument, possible the most sensible opinion is that anything is possible, so never say never.

Do you believe in aliens and UFOs? 

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